The Best Lower Body Exercises Crossfitters Need to Do More!


Crossfit encompasses a wide range of movements that help to produce high levels of fitness. Front squats, overhead squats, and thrusters are absolutely fantastic lower body exercises that pack a punch.

However, there are some other highly effective lower body exercises that will almost never show up in a metcon. Make no mistake about it, if you want to build a strong lower body, improve knee and hip stability, and reduce the risk of injury, then you need you add these movements to your repertoire.

Here are some of the best lower body exercises Crossfitters need to do more:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats – This might be the best lower body accessory exercise in the game. You can front load them with kettlebells or side load them, either way they are a great quad and glute developer.

2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts – If you have trouble isolating your hamstrings, then this is the exercise for you. Not only is the single leg deadlift great for the posterior chain, the balance required is also great for developing knee stability.


3. Single Leg Box Squats – Don’t have pistols yet or they bother your knees too much? The single leg box squat is a great alternative.  Find a box that will allow you to squat to parallel or just above. You can also load this movement by holding a kettlebell on the working side.  Perform this movement by completely sitting on the box and then standing up.


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It’s leg day…SINGLE leg day. Some weighted single leg box squats and pistols to keep me humble.

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4. Forward and Backward Walking Lunges – In my opinion, any good training program will incorporate this exercise in some fashion. If you have any muscle imbalances in your lower body, the walking lunge will expose them. By performing this movement both forwards and backwards, you can develop tremendous hip and knee stability along with notable strength. Again, front or side loading will produce the best results.

As you can see, improving your fitness requires keeping an open mind in order to find new and effective ways to make your body stronger and more resilient.  Sometimes, slowing down to address weaknesses is exactly what needs to be done in order to go faster in the long run.

Here’s to smarter, more effective training,

Isaac Payne

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